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Earn rewards by completing simple tasks! Share an opinion or take photos in and around your city to help your community and earn rewards in your spare time! Premise is a task marketplace app that helps you earn rewards for simple tasks. Take surveys, share local information like construction zones or the price of milk, and share pictures of your city to earn top rewards. Making rewards with Premise really is that simple. Premise’s tasks feature local questions and surveys relevant to your city. Get rewards for sharing information important to you and the people in your neighborhood – it’s like getting rewarded for doing a public service! Premise’s task marketplace is always growing, which means there are tasks for everyone. Earn rewards every day by sharing your local knowledge as a Premise Contributor. Take surveys, share local information and earn rewards with Premise – download now! PREMISE FEATURES MAP YOUR COMMUNITY - Get rewards while you capture what’s happening in your community. - Earn rewards for sharing insights that reflect your reality, your thoughts and your community. - Make real rewards for sharing information relevant to your city, from traffic jams to local events to supermarket sales. EARN REAL REWARDS - Earn rewards from tasks and photos. - Choose tasks that fit your lifestyle based on how much time you have. - Earn more when you do more! SHARE YOUR OPINION - Get rewarded for your insights - your opinion matters. - Surveys for organizations and community leaders that value your feedback. - Premise makes it easy to capture and share your thoughts. MAKE AN IMPACT - Earn real rewards by sharing real data to drive real change. - Join Premise’s growing network of thousands of Contributors around the world. - Complete tasks every day to help make policies, products or services better for everyone. Earn rewards by sharing local information, your opinions and survey answers with Premise today! Task availability is based on the needs of organizations we are working with and can change frequently. Thank you for being a Premise Contributor! Need help? E-mail Learn more about being a Premise Contributor:
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